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A plant based ‘grab n go‘ or ‘grab n sit down‘ coffee, juice and salad bar located on Whitchurch road, Cardiff.

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Plant based

All of the food items that you find at The Moos are plant based. Whether you are eating healthy or feeling indulgent we’ve got you covered.


These are a great option for getting some good energy and fibre into your body when on the move. To add to this, we include superfood ingredients to our smoothies to help give you your health kick for the day.

hot drinks

Whether it is a caffeine boost you are looking for, or a warm mug of tea, we have plenty of options for you to come and enjoy here at The Moos. Feeling extra adventurous? Why not try one of our specials; these include the beetroot latte or ‘bounty’ hot chocolate.

Speciality Coffee

We are passionate about coffee and even more passionate about sustainability, that is why we strive to make the best plant based coffee around. We only use barista grade professional plant based milks, steamed to the correct temperature (as not to burn the milk) and served just the way you like it. Why not try one of our available plant milks and see for yourself just how good coffee can taste with our delicious plant based milks served up the right way.